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Vladimir Potanin Foundation

Vladimir Potanin Foundation

Launching new endowment fund of the State Tretyakov Gallery

At the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 6 June 2019 the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation announced launching the museum’s endowment

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20 participants selected to take part in the EFC Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia- Europe 2019

The European Foundation Centre and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation have selected 20 participants from Russia and Europe to take part in the Philanthropic Leadership Platform:

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Dear Friends,

I have been engaged in philanthropy for more than twenty years. It has become an important part of my life. In 1999 I created a philanthropic foundation in order to implement projects in education, culture and philanthropy development in a truly effective manner. 

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Vladimir Potanin

Our mission

We develop a philanthropy culture, uniting creative professionals who play a key role in solving current public issues and achieve sustainable social change.

We provide opportunities for new ideas and create a favorable environment to make them come true.

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10 february 2020
Call for applications for the Olympic Scholarships competition for academic year 2020/21

Winners will receive scholarships to study on RIOU’s English language version of the Master of Sport Administration (MSA) course

25 january 2020
The Foundation Announces an Increase of the Scholarship

Starting January 1st, 2020, the grant will total RUB 25,000

13 january 2020
Vladimir Potanin Tops Kommersant's Philanthropist Ranking

Kommersant presents traditional rankings of the Russian business elite's media presence in its League of Extraordinary Businessmen 7

31 december 2019
Result of the Year: an Interview with Oksana Oracheva, General Director of the Foundation

'The Community of the Foundation is measured by the scale of the country'