Линия доверия

  • corruption – bribes accepted or paid by Salym Petroleum employees;
  • restrictions of fair competition in the process of bidding for and at the stage of execution of contracts with vendors of Commodities & Materials (C&M) and services;
  • unlawful usage, appropriation of company property, misappropriations;
  • assumption of liabilities on behalf of the company for non-existent / overestimated scopes of work, C&M deliveries;
  • conflicts of interests of the company employees (situations whereby vested interest of a person may influence the decision-making process and thus cause damage to the interests of the company);
  • violation of legislative requirements and other violations of ethical norms and business standards.

Alongside with this, in order to maximize the efficiency of the Confidence Line operation, the following is to be taken into account:

  • The hotline is designed for information of any signs of violation of legislation, the company’s regulatory documents, corrupt and fraudulent acts;
  • complaints against household problems as well as threats against other persons shall not be accepted for review;
  • in order to achieve a better effect of investigation, please report in as much detail as possible the information about the violations you have become aware of, in order to avoid unjustified interference with the company’s operations in the course of investigation of such facts;
  • it is not allowed to report consciously false facts which impair another person’s honour and dignity or assaulting his/her reputation.

We also turn your attention to the fact that in processing of all reports transmitted through the Confidence Line, confidentiality shall be mandatorily observed.

Any report may be sent anonymously; however, it should be noted that provision of contact details (in any manner) will assist in reviewing the report in the most complete manner (in case the information received needs to be clarified), and will make feedback possible.

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